Into the Wild

January 27, 2017

We’ve saved a chair for you and a friend.  Don’t let them go to waste.

WordPress has also saved a proverbial chair for you, so pull it up and take a load off.  WordPress is here to help.

WordPress is a wonderful content management system for a lot of people.  For over a quarter of the internet to be precise. WordPress leaves Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Blogger and Typo3 in the dust when it comes to popularity.  With good reason, I find WordPress to be the best combination of am intuitive and user friendly interface, high quality designs and bold, dynamic features.

A quarter of all sites, that’s a lot of folks who have decided that WordPress, plus the WordPress theme of their choice, is the right pick for building an incredible online business.

We’re here to offer a choice, a free, yet premium quality theme you can use to set up an online business.

Whether you need an eCommerce site or just a blog with portfolio pages, Silverbow could be the thing you need.

Silverbow has a timeless, minimal style it’s got tons of widgetized areas for more features, you can set it up quickly and edit nearly anything you’d like with ease.  We’ve made Silverbow to be a premium quality theme, yet we’re giving it away for free.  That’s because we believe that the world needs more nice things and with Silverbow, it’s all but guaranteed that your website will look incredible.

Just add content and head off into the wild!

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