January 27, 2017

There are so many roads and flowers beside every one.  Sometimes, you just need to stop and smell them.  Careful you don’t get stung.

You know what doesn’t sting with Silverbow?  The price.


That’s right, we’re offering this premium quality WordPress theme for absolutely nothing.  No money down.  No payments for a year.  No payments ever.

Silverbow will always be our first free WordPress theme and there’s something about your first that you’ll never forget.

Whatever the topic of your blog, Silverbow is going to make it look fantastic.  From travel or fashion blogs, personal or recipe blogs, lifestyle and more.  The possibilities are endless with this high quality WordPress premium theme with the free pricetag.

We’ll be back with more free themes though, so check out our blog post on the main page.  We’ve got plenty more great free themes n the pipeline, so get ready with that download finger.

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