Which Way Should I Go?

January 27, 2017

When confronted with more than one appealing choice, you should always select the path of more enlightenment.

That’s what I always say, anyway.  Actually, I’ve never once said that.  But that doesn’t matter, I can say it now.  So, I said it.

Speaking of enlightenment, let me enlighten you to this: Silverbow is totally free.  You probably already heard that, but it’s true.

We’ve also got other free WordPress themes you could be interested in.  They’re all just as high in quality as Silverbow and we know how folks love variety, so each one looks and feels just a little bit different.  They all have the same high quality code, great minimalist design and tons of other great features.

Some are even WooCommerce ready like Silverbow.

We’ll keep creating more amazing themes for you in the future, so please feel free to bookmark us and check back often.  You may find yourself asking ‘which way should I go’ when selecting from our free theme offerings.  We’re sure that you’ll find something great no matter which direction you go though.

Have a great day!

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