January 27, 2017

There’s something magical about watching the ocean in a new place.

What else has that magical feeling?  Well, in my opinion, WordPress.

There’s something magical about creating a website from basically the ground up.  With WordPress, there’s nothing you can’t do, no kind of website you can’t set up and run very successfully.  That’s magical.  Finding a great hosting plan, building your database, installing a fresh copy of WordPress, then selecting a great looking theme.

But what about those themes?  Some can get pretty expensive!  If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider a free WordPress theme.

The problem is, many of those free themes are terrible in quality.  They’re bloated, they load slow, the style is dated and unattractive.

They’re free for a reason.

But not Silverbow.  This theme, and all of our free themes, is premium in quality, offering features often only found in themes that cost $50 or more.  Silverbow is WooCommerce ready, it’s got a stylish and professional minimalist design, it’s incredibly easy to customize and it’s built with clean, valid code.  SEO optimization, flexibility to work for nearly any sort of website.

It’s all there.

So, if you need a great free theme, consider Silverbow as a great choice for your website.

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