January 27, 2017

Adventure is a beast that must be tamed and you are the one who can do it.

Want to tame the entire internet?  Then maybe you’d better take a look at Silverbow or one of our other amazing free themes for WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS by a wide margin.  It’s what powers over 25% of the internet world wide and with all those sites using WordPress, you know they’re going to need a great theme to make it really shine.  We’ve made Silverbow to fill a niche, a premium quality WordPress theme with a pricetag that’s as low as can be.


With Silverbow, you don’t get a typical low quality free WordPress theme though.  Some free themes have bad code, outdated designs and no real functionality.  Some are just plain bloated and don’t load up very fast.

Silverbow avoids all of that.

Silverbow loads up incredibly fast, uses the power of widgets to add tons of functionality, it’s WooCommerce ready to let you sell your products in your very own store.  It’s got a great looking simple minimalist design that looks great too.

So, why not download it and try Silverbow out on your website.

It doesn’t cost a thing.

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